About us

Voice and Data Cabling

  Kray specializes in the design and installation of cabling systems for office local area networks and telephone premises wiring.  Kray is prepared to provide everything from a single patch cord or cable for overhead speakers to the design and installation of cabling systems for an entire 

high-rise building or campus environment. 

Cabinets and Relay Racks

  In addition to cable installations, Kray 

will lay out and install computer room 

equipment including patch panels, equipment cabinets, relay racks, seismic restraints, etc. 

We are experts at closet cleanup.  

Special Design

  Kray will review architectural drawings and plans.  Kray will evaluate the adequacy of 

existing cable for new tenants.  

Kray can repurpose existing cable plants.      


  Kray is fully licensed to install power centers, electrical distribution wiring, dedicated circuits, battery backup power systems, underground 

and overhead services, etc.  


  Every pair of every cable installed by Kray is tested for opens, shorts, swaps and reversals. When indicated, Kray will certify installed cables for compliance with EIA/TIA specifications. 


  Kray is 

California Certified Small Business 


California Certified Woman Owned Business #13050114